Scarf – Thorn Blue Denim

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This wool scarf was woven in traditional mechanical looms and entirely made in Portugal. Available in a wide array of other colours and patterns.



Scarf | Thorn Denim Blue

The herringbone is our most traditional pattern, easy to combine with any outfit or occasion. Here it shows an elegant shade of blue, which will bring a touch of colour to your day, while keeping simplicity.

Warm and comfortable, it’s an infallible gift for all ages and styles.

The Chicoração scarf is made entirely in Portugal, woven in traditional looms, and is available in many colours and patterns.

Available sizes: 0,4m x 1,8m (medium) | 0,8m x 1,8m (big)

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 180 cm

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