Flower Blanket Biface Red | Grey

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Flower Blanket Biface Red | Grey

Decoration with a passionate color.

Red is a color with personality and that makes a stand. In our palette it occupies a central place because it’s a passionate color that warms up the environments. In winter we don’t need to be thinking about the cold all the time, so this woolen blanket is the perfect option to spend quality evenings and avoid chills.

Inspired by nature and jovial seasons, this double-face blanket will surely embellish your home when winter arrives!
A refreshing take on our tradicional designs, woven with two complementary colors for a dynamic style.
Made with looms from the 60’s/70’s and finished by hand, it’s a 100% sheep wool blanket.

Available size: 1,3m x 1,8m (Medium) | 1,8m x 2,2m (Big)

Composition: 100% wool

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions N/A

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