Diamond Blanket Biface Brick | Grey

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Diamond Blanket Biface Brick | Grey

Charm and rusticity

Timeless and of unique beauty, this blanket in brick and gray can be used in the most different environments of the house. It transmits charm and rusticity to the spaces, at the same time that it warms them: by its colors and by being made entirely of wool.

The Diamond I Blanket owns a pattern that accompanies the history of weaving, common to all nations. With a timeless design, this blanket is definitely a must have in a modern home.

Made with looms from the 60’s/70’s and finished by hand, it’s a 100% sheep wool blanket.

Available sizes:

       1,30 X 1,80 (Mt)     |     1,80 X 2,20 (Mt)

Composition: 100% wool

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions N/A

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